Forget the Chocolate. Give "Celery" as a Valentine!
Computer-Free Email Designed with Love in Mind

TROY, NY (January 30, 2007)-Computer-shy seniors use "Celery" to email handwritten valentines.

Winner of a coveted 2006 "Best of What's New" award from Popular Science, fax-based Celery mail service allows longhand letter-writers to send and receive email without a computer. The system requires only a home phone line, which it shares, and promotes two-way communication between computer-shy and computer-savvy loved ones. Celery subscriptions bought between now and Feb. 14, 2007 will receive free service through Valentine's Day.

Easily Reconnect with Loved Ones through Email
Celery was "inspired by friends and family who don't use computers," said CEO Andrew Gibson from company headquarters in Troy, NY. "They guided our efforts to create a computer-free email exchange system that was as simple and easy-to-use as possible. We designed Celery to let people correspond in the way that suits them best."

The person who purchases Celery for a relative or close friend becomes the user's Celery Buddy, a trusted helper. Celery is an affordable and popular gift, according to Gibson. "Our most reluctant users quickly discover how easy it is to use, and they love it-we get thank you notes every day."

Send Handwritten Love Letters as Email

Celery users just block print recipient names at the top of a handwritten letter or other paper document, place it in a Celery device, and press two buttons. Celery scans the letter, locates the recipient names in the user's Celery address book, and sends the image of the letter as email.

Receive Printed Email and Color Photos

To receive email, Celery users simply answer a friendly phone call. Celery then delivers and automatically prints the incoming message and photo attachments. Each Celery user is given a unique email address, so computer users reply to Celery messages just like regular email.

Celery Family Stories

Trudy Mahoney of Long Boat Key, Florida, doesn't use a computer. Because her "whole family uses email," Mahoney's son, who lives in the Midwest, purchased Celery for her as a gift. "I just want to let you know how happy I am with Celery," stated Mahoney. "Now I can keep in touch with my family in Thailand, Greece, and Argentina."

University of Illinois student Becky Bloom gave Celery to her skeptical 78 year-old grandmother, Sassy. "She told me that I was crazy," stated Bloom. "But on her birthday she received tons of emails-and then she called me [to say] she really, really, really likes the service."

Celery Roots

The name "Celery" is a whimsical play on the Latin word Celeritas, which means speed. "We bring old-fashioned mail up to speed," said Gibson. "Communication nourishes the loving social connections that restore our spirits. Our service helps intergenerational relationships flourish, and we feel the natural power in that comes out in our snappy, down-to-earth name."

Celery-ready fax devices and subscriptions can be purchased online at or by phone at 1-866-MY-CELERY. Twelve months of service with a color device costs $259, and includes free and friendly technical support. Celery, LLC is located at 212 River Street in Troy, NY 12180. For more information, contact Adala Zelman at (518)-833-6807 ext. 713 or at