Computer-Shy Moms Stay in Touch by Email
Without a Computer or Internet Connection

TROY, NY (May 08, 2007) - Easy, two-way computer-free email service lets computer-shy and senior Moms keep in closer touch.

A new computer-free email system, called Celery, makes it easy for people of any age to reconnect with friends and family through email exchange, without having to buy expensive hardware, struggle with difficult software, or pay for Internet access.

Email Made Easy for Every Mom
The innovative service works with any fax machine to let people send handwritten letters (or any paper document, such as photos, newspaper clippings, or memorabilia) as email, and receive printed email and color photos.

Celery service provides a unique alternative to the traditional Mother's Day bouquet, and subscriptions purchased between May First and Mother's Day will receive free service through the month of May.

"Our own mothers and grandmothers inspired the idea behind our service, along with the friendly, family-style support that's become synonymous with the name Celery," stated Celery CEO Andrew Gibson. "Our moms wanted to join in family email exchange without having to use computers, so we created an extremely easy and enjoyable way for them to do that."

Celery Family Stories

University of Illinois student Becky Bloom gave Celery to her skeptical 78 year-old grandmother, Sassy. "She told me that I was crazy," stated Bloom. "But on her birthday she received tons of emails--and then called me [to say] she really, really, really likes the service."

Dorothy Miller, of Troy, New York, has been using Celery for over a year. "The Celery email machine opened up a wonderful relationship with my grandson," stated Miller, 85. "At first he replied to my messages with 'Hi Gram' and a weather report, but over time he opened up and wrote more about himself so now we know each other so much better."

Heart of Celery in Its Roots

According to Gibson, the company regards every customer as a member of the Celery Family, and strives to provide the friendliest, most caring, and most helpful customer support staff on the planet. "Our customers tell us that when they talk with us, they feel like they're talking with family," Gibson said, "and really that's what Celery is all about."

The name "Celery" is a whimsical play on the Latin word Celeritas, which means speed. "We bring old-fashioned mail up to speed," said Gibson. "Our email service bridges generations by letting people correspond in the ways that suit them best."

Celery, LLC currently serves customers in 41 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Service plans start at $8.99 per month and can be purchased online at or by phone at 1-866-MY-CELERY. Celery is located at 212 River Street in Troy, NY 12180. Contact Adala Zelman at (518)-833-6807 ext. 713 or for more information.