Forget the Hummel. Grandma Wants to Be Included.
Easily Send and Receive Email without a Computer

TROY, N.Y. (Nov. 29, 2006) - Computer-free email brings loved ones back in the loop.

Now Grandma can keep in touch and share color photos through email-without a computer or Internet connection. An innovative system allows longhand letter writers to easily exchange email with computer savvy friends and family.

It's called Celery, and it's the first and only service to allow non-computer users to both send and receive email. Celery scans handwritten letters and sends them as email, and automatically prints incoming email and color photos. It uses reliable, color fax technology to provide two-way email delivery 24-hours a day.

Celery recently won a coveted 2006 "Best of What's New" award from Popular Science, in recognition of its ingenuity and influence. This spring, it also won the attention of Sen. Hillary Clinton at a telecommunications conference in Albany, N.Y. "That's great…I love this idea," Clinton said. "Sign me up. I want one for my mother!"

"Inspired and guided by our own family and friends, we developed Celery to satisfy their desire to communicate with us through email without a computer," said Celery CEO Andrew Gibson. "They wanted to see the photos that the rest of us shared online, and they wanted to keep in closer touch, but they hated to use computers."

Affordably priced, Gibson said Celery is often purchased for a relative or close friend, and he anticipates Celery's popularity as a holiday gift.

Twenty-one year old Becky Bloom bought Celery for her grandmother, Sassy, age 78, who lives with Bloom's parents in Illinois. "I told [Sassy] that I was buying her an email machine. She told me that I was crazy. The Celery arrived at the house…she told me that I was crazy again," stated Bloom, who set up the device on a visit home. "I took a picture with my cousin and immediately emailed it to her…My dad tells me that, as the email printed out, she looked at the Celery and smiled. I'm willing to be crazy if that means that I can get my grandmother to smile."

Celery is so easy to use that even the most reluctant customers quickly warm up to it.

Terry Ryan, an 80-year-old homemaker from East Greenbush, N.Y., was "a bit hesitant" when her grandson asked her to try Celery. "Now I am hooked! I email my grandchildren who have moved out to four different states and I receive almost immediate responses."

Celery customers have steadily risen in number since March 2006, without advertisement. Celery subscriptions can be purchased online at or by phone at 1-866-MY-CELERY. A Celery color fax/copy device with twelve months of service costs $259, and includes free and friendly technical support.

For more information, contact Adala Zelman at (518)-833-6807 ext. 713. Celery, LLC is located at 212 River Street in Troy, NY 12180. Celery online: