Celery Quiet Hours
Celery delivers email in real-time, but customers can restrict the hours they receive messages for times they don't want us to call, such as overnights. On request, we'll also hold email for a period of days or weeks.

Meet the Family

Sheldon and Dorothy [above] were among Celery's very first customers. Dorothy uses Celery to keep in touch with her family and grandchildren. More >>

    Celery Lets You Receive Auto-Printed Email by Fax
    To receive printed email, our customers simply answer the phone. Instead of unpleasant fax noises, they hear a friendly voice recording, and when they hang up, their emails print like a fax.

  • Answer Our Friendly Call: Listen to Recording
  • Listen for the Tones, Hang Up the Phone
  • Enjoy Your Printed Email & Photos

Even Easier Automatic Email Printing
Celery customers with answering machines can receive messages even when they aren't home when we call to deliver email. Using a dedicated fax line or distinctive ring service also lets customers set their machines to "auto answer" so they never have to answer the phone in order to get their email.

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