Great for Computer-Shy Seniors and Grandparents
Sending email with Celery is as easy as making a photocopy. Our customers don't struggle with computers or keyboards, and most are already familiar and comfortable with fax machines.

Email Paper Notes by Name
Celery converts a customer fax into an image file, and emails it to the people whose names are written in the top two inches of the first page of the letter.

    Celery Lets You Send Paper Letters as Email by Fax
    To address an outgoing message, a Celery customer simply writes one or more nicknames from their address book at the top of a message, and faxes it to our servers.

    Computerless Email-to-Go: Just Write "Dear Joe"
  • Write recipient nickname(s) on your message.
  • Place it in your fax machine or all-in-one device.
  • Press two buttons. (Just hit speed-dial and send.)

Our system then reads and matches the listed nicknames to entries in the customer's Celery address book, and converts the fax into an image, which it sends to the recipients by email.

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