We would like your help in announcing a significant enhancement of our service. In addition to providing clients with computerless email, we are now adding the ability to Twitter. The full release is located here. Below are some suggested headlines or taglines, suggested story intros, and five client stories. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Thanks, Neil
Neil Grabowsky, CEO
Celery, LLC
(518) 833-6807

Sample Headlines/Taglines

Look Who's Twittering now, ... Grandma!
Pimp My Fax: Make It Tweet
Even Your Grandma Can Twitter
Twitter Expands to the Non-Tech Savvy
Just Because Your Mother Won't Use a Computer, Doesn't Mean She Can't Twitter (/Tweet)
Tweeting with a pen and paper
Not Having a Computer Doesn't Stop You (/Granny) From Twittering
The Pen and Paper Generation Meets Twitter
Tweet Grandma, and Have Her Tweet Back
This is Not Your Father's Fax Machine... It Tweets
Tweet Your Fax
Your Fax can Twitter
Twitter Faxing?: Grandma Moves Online But Keeps Her Pen (...Online Without a Computer)

Story Introductions

1. Staying connected these days is getting harder and harder with a dizzying array of options: should you send an e-mail, update your Facebook or Tweet? It is even harder when you want to include your parents or grandparents in your casual communications. But no longer, Celery, LLC has enhanced their service to allow their clients not only to email, but Twitter and receive Facebook updates using only a simple fax machine, pen and paper.

2. You keep everyone informed from your Tweets or Facebook status updates, except your mother because she won't use a computer. But, no longer. Your mom can now subscribe to Celery and send out her own Tweets and email using nothing more than pen, paper, and a simple fax machine.

3. Calling your mother is so '90s. Now even the most computer-phobic parent can receive email, Twitter or Facebook updates, and email or Tweet in return. Your mom can now subscribe to Celery and use the latest social networking technologies with nothing more than pen, paper, and a simple fax machine.

Client Stories

1. Dorothy Miller, an 87-year-old widow, lives alone in upstate New York. All of her family lives out of state and it is difficult for her to stay in touch with them all. She was resistant of the technological world and did not want to even try her hand at using a computer. It was her autistic grandson who changed her mind about trying email. Using her Celery, Dorothy now writes to her grandson daily and loves the simplicity of the Celery system.

"I use Celery because it is easy and I can write to him with a pen and paper. I don't like all of this new technology that is floating around out there. It makes me nervous and it's difficult to understand. Celery allows me to use what I am comfortable with and still be in touch with my grandson who can us a computer with the help of his mother. He loves to see my handwriting and it makes me happy to know that he gets such joy out of writing back to me, " said Dorothy.

Celery was able to connect Dorothy back to her family and especially her grandson. Because of her constant communication with him, Dorothy has learned more than she could have ever hoped for about him. Celery has brought her closer to her grandson by allowing her to use a form of communication that they now are both comfortable with: email.


2. Carol's family lives all over the world. With her Celery she is able to write to her daughter who lives in Italy, her son who is stationed in Iraq, and her grandchildren who are spread all over the country. As a 70-year-old woman who is unfamiliar with computer technology and the internet, Carol uses her Celery to talk to her family everyday. Time differences make it difficult for Carol and her family to speak over the phone, but Celery allows her to email no matter the time zone. Since she receives a courtesy call when she has an incoming message, Carol set do-not-disturb hours for herself so that the Celery system does not call her overnight. As soon as she wakes up, her Celery will deliver the messages to her.

Her daughter sends her new recipes via email written in Italian and Carol writes back to her. Though there is an ocean between them, Carol is learning a new language and recipes that she would never have tried in the past.

Her Celery is essential to her lifestyle because her son can tell her of his adventures and most importantly his safety without her using a complicated computer. She is looking forward to receiving her the twice-daily updates that she will soon receive from her grandchildren's Twitter feeds. The combination of her family's computer-savvy lives and the Celery system makes it possible her to be included.


3. Celery has been able to bring families together even when they live miles apart. When Maria announced her engagement Sarah was more than delighted for her granddaughter, but there was also a sense of dread that filled the pit of her stomach. With states between them it was impossible for Sarah to help with many of Maria's wedding preparations. Sarah wanted to be there with her granddaughter through every moment of it, but their physical distance kept them apart. Because of Celery, Sarah was able to participate in the most important part of the wedding preparation. The dress.

"Every grandmother wants to be there when her granddaughter goes dress shopping. I was just too far away for this to happen. We devised a plan that allowed me to see the dresses as Maria tried them on, " Sarah said.

Sarah was able to be included with the dress picking process by using her Celery machine. Throughout the day, her granddaughter took pictures of each dress and emailed them to her using her cell phone. Sarah would get Maria's pictures and email back with a thumbs up or down. By using her Celery machine Sarah was able be part of Maria's big decision when she could not be there in person. When traditional mail would have been too slow to send pictures back and forth, Sarah as able to receive them while Maria was in the store. Because she was using Celery, Sarah was included in one of her granddaughter's most important moments.


4. Richard Mothershed is an 84-year-old man who enjoys spending his days in the warm Arizona sun writing letters to his friends. Everyday Mr. Mothershed sits down and writes ten to twelve letters to his friends then puts them in his mailbox. His vigilance pays off because he is able to stay connected with his friends, but the mailing system is time consuming and slow. It is like his friends are getting their newspapers a week late. The time spent between Mr. Mothershed writing his letters to the time that his friends receive them would be days.

"I love my Celery. I can sit down in the morning and write to my friend Jean. When I come back from hitting 18 holes, her response is waiting for me in the machine, " Mr. Mothershed says.

Celery is the perfect solution for Mr. Mothershed. After years of coercion, his friends finally got him to try out email. With Celery Mr. Mothershed is still able to enjoy the personal quality of hand writing a letter, while also benefitting from the speed of email. Now when he has news to tell he can write back and forth with his friends in real time. Celery enables him to stay connected with ease and efficiency.


5. Celery not only helps connect seniors to their families, it is also great for those who belong to the Mennonite community. Frank Yoder first heard about Celery through an ad in his local business-owners newspaper. Being the owner of a plant nursery, he is able to use Celery to take orders and send invoices via email. The convenience of Celery allows Frank to open up his business to customers nationwide as well as continue giving service to his local community.

"Signing up and getting started only took a few minutes. I got $180 worth of sales the very first day. "

With his Celery, he is able to receive online orders from his new customers without being unfaithful to his beliefs. He is able to utilize the website that he had previously set up for his company as an ordering apparatus. Customers fill out an online order form and submit it to Frank's Celery email. Celery enables him to receive email through his fax machine without having to be connected to the internet.