Celery: 2-way Computerless email system
Exchange Email without a Computer or Internet Access

Send Handwritten Email

Mom Handwrites Email
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Receive Printed Email

Aimee Emails Mom
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Celery is a simple system that allows non-computer users to "be included" in email using the Celery device and service, which automatically prints incoming emails for them, and instantly sends their outgoing pen-and-paper messages as email.

  • Easy to Use System
  • Works with Any Fax
  • Internet Not Required
  • Caring Support Staff

Let's face it: you use email, facebook and twitter to keep in touch. But when was the last time you sent Grandma a snail mail? Stop feeling guilty about it and purchase Celery's affordable solution today.

With Celery, you can send email to your non-computer using parents/grandparents without forcing them to learn anything new. You'll also get their handwritten letters (and those hometown newspaper clippings) delivered directly to your email inbox.

But this isn't just about your convenience. Imagine Grandma's excitement when the color photo you just snapped on your cell phone instantly prints out of her new Celery machine. She didn't have to turn on a computer, worry about viruses, or even ask for your help. Celery has been specifically designed to be effortless for seniors.

  • No additional phone line required
  • No Internet access required
  • No special software
  • Celery can email any printed document
  • Auto-prints incoming email and high-quality color photos in real-time
  • Makes color copies
  • Sends and receives regular faxes
  • Spam control guarantee
  • Customers can set "Do Not Disturb" hours
  • Automatically receives messages if answering machine present
  • Vacation mode stores messages over extended periods
  • Celery can receive and print text, HTML based email messages, and JPEG, RTF, GIF, PNG, TIFF or PDF email attachments
  • Supports RSS feeds: blogs, Twitter and facebook
  • 30-day risk free guarantee

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