Tips: For a Greener Celery

People today are more concerned than ever with being environmentally conscious. So we'd like to provide some tips to help you and your Celery-using loved ones conserve resources.

But first we'd like to point out a few reasons why Celery is more environmentally friendly than you may realize at first.

No More Envelopes With Celery: Celery saves paper by eliminating the need for envelopes. Celery is designed to make it easier for the email generation and the pen-and-paper generation to keep in touch.  Most Grandparents already use paper to write letters. But with Celery, they don't have to use envelopes and neither do you -- you just reply to their messages with your email.

Re-using Paper: Most Celery users write on both sides of the paper, and only go through about half a ream of paper per year. That's probably less paper than most computer users go through in a year. (Grandparents are pretty resourceful!)

Celery Uses Less Energy Than a Computer: Celery works with any fax machine. Our customized Celery machine is a color Lexmark X5070, which you would have to run for sixteen years to equal the power used by your average desktop computer in just one year! [Link: Energy Specs]*


Tips to Help Green Up Celery

  • Encourage Celery users to write on both sides of their paper.
  • Use recycled computer paper (Makes a Great Gift!)
  • Buy an energy efficient fax machine (like a customized Lexmark X5070 through Celery).


Tips for Responsible Twittering With Celery

  • Use the same sheet of paper to write 3, 4, or 5 tweets -- just fold over the top of the paper after each tweet before faxing.
  • Keep the default setting for incoming tweets -- one batch per day.
  • Family members can reduce the number of incoming tweets that your Celery loved one receives by creating a special Twitter feed just for your Celery using loved ones to follow. Keep your tweets down to a minimum on that account.
  • And don't let granny follow high tweet feeds (Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are out!)


* - Celery's Lexmark X5070 Power Consumption Specifications

Average Power in Standby with Power Saver On   8 watts
Average Power while Scanning 12 watts
Average Power while Copying 14 watts
Average Power while Printing 14 watts
Average Power While Plugged in and Turned Off   7 watts


  1. Lexmark's Published Specifications
  2. Desktop Computer Power Consumption Specifications [link]

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