Celery In the News

Popular Science Awards Celery "Best of What's New"
"These awards honor innovations that not only influence the way we live today, but change the way we think about the future."

AppScout: Send Handwritten E-mail with Celery
Perfect for the less computer-savvy people in your life, the Celery Computer-Free Email system lets you send handwritten e-mails by simply faxing the message to the intended recipient's inbox.

AARP: Demystifying the Communications Gap
Older adults in your life overwhelmed by computers? Communicating with our parents or the younger set can be more challenging because each age group prefers a different technology for staying in-touch.

AARP: Receiving Digital Pictures Without a Computer
Perhaps you have a parent, grandparent, or elder family member who resists using computers. Several products offer the reluctant relative or close friend easy access to technology that lets them receive emails and digital photos.

Chicago Sun Times: No PC, No Problem
Celery, a two-way fax-based system to send e-mail. Celery recognizes handwritten names as address book entries and then sends out e-mails.

Retirement Living TV: Ageless Technology Segment
Episode highlighted top trends for independent seniors. Senior Savvy columnist Jim Miller featured Celery in his lineup.

North Denver News: Computer-Free Email for Seniors
Computer-Free Email Designed with Love in Mind

The Washington Times: Computer-Free Email Attracts Seniors
"Anyone who has tried to show grandma how to use a mouse knows that computers are anything but second nature to America's older population."

Tech Talk with Craig Peterson: Celery a Great Gift for Seniors
"Craig interviews Andrew Gibson, Celery CEO, about the Celery computerless email system that allows you to stay in contact with elderly or older relatives."

Tech Valley Times: What is Computer-Free Email?
Now Grandma can keep in touch and share color photos through email without a computer or Internet connection. An innovative system allows longhand letter writers to easily exchange email with computer savvy friends and family.

Coping with Caregiving: Celery Radio Interview
Radio Show Host Jaqueline Marcell interviews Andrew Gibson, Celery CEO, about the virtues of two-way email exchange without a computer.

The Troy Record: Celery Catches Senator Clinton's Eye
"I love this," said Sen. Clinton. "I want to buy one for my mother…" read article   view pdf