Celery Family Stories

We frequently get letters from customers telling us how much they love our service, and how it really impacts their every day lives for the better. Here are testimonials from a few folks who agreed to share their stories with you on our Web site.

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"Celery opened up a wonderful relationship with my grandson. At first he replied to my messages with 'Hi Gram' and a weather report, but over time he opened up and wrote more about himself so now we know each other so much better."

- Dorothy M. (New York)
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"My Dad and I just planned our family reunion together mostly through Celery, because the three-hour time difference makes it harder for us to connect by phone, but he loves his "paper email." Thanks for providing such a great service!"

- Chris R. (North Carolina)

Trudy M. of Long Boat Key, Florida, doesn't use a computer. Because Trudy's "whole family uses email," her son, who lives in the Midwest, gave Celery to her as a gift.

Trudy wrote to us say "I just want to let you know how happy I am with Celery. Now it's easy for me to keep in touch with my extended family across the country and around the world."

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"My Dad's much closer to his grandkids now [since he started using Celery]. They write back and forth a lot more now than they ever spoke on the phone, and it's fun for all of them."

- Michael O. (Colorado)
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University student Becky B. gave Celery to her skeptical 78 year-old grandmother, Sassy. "She told me that I was crazy," stated Bloom. "But on her birthday she received tons of emails—and then called me [to say] she really, really, really likes Celery."

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